The H5TQ(S)1G63BFR is a 1,073,741,824-bit CMOS Double DAta RAte III(DDR3) Synchronous DRAM, ideally suited for the main memory applications which requires large memory density and high bandwidth.

SK Hynix 1Gb DDR3 SDRAMs offer fully synchronous operations referenced to both rising and falling edges of the clock. While all addresses and control inputs are latched on the rising edges of the CK(falling edges of the CK), Data, Data strobes and Write data masks inputs are sampled on both rising and falling edges of it.


  • This product is in compliance with the directive pertaining of RoHS.

Simulation Model

Simulation Model Simulation Model의 Part Number, Rev., Update Date, Remark를 나타낸 표 입니다.
Part Number Rev. Update Date Remark
HSpice 1.0 2009-04-24  


SpeedSpeed의 Part Number, Speed를 나타낸 표 입니다.
Part Number Speed
12 800MHz