The company was founded under the name of Hyundai Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. in February 1983 and merged with LG Semiconductor in October 1999. We changed the company name to "Hynix Semiconductor Inc." in March 2001. For further details, please refer to About Us>History
SK Hynix’s core business is memory semiconductors including DRAM, NAND Flash, and MCP(Multi-Chip Package), and its product portfolio has been expanded to the system LSI sector by initiating CMOS Image Sensors business in 2007. For further details, please refer to About us>Business scope
SK Hynix’s BOD comprises thirteen directors, nine of whom are independent directors.In order to establish advanced corporate governance where the BOD is at the center of management, the company’s CEO and the Chairman of the BOD were separated in March 2010. Five sub-committees operate underthe BOD –the Nomination & Governance Committee, the Audit Committee, the Compensation Committee, the Strategy Committee and the Executive Committee which collectively guarantee that professional decisions are carried our and that the BOD is run efficiently. For further details, please refer to IR>Company overview>BOD
SK Hynix operates a global production network that includes main fabs at Icheon and Cheongjuin Korea and Wuxi in China. Our sales and marketing network extends around the world in order to provide on-site client service whenever necessary. For further details, please refer to About us>Global Network
Please refer to IR>Financial Information>Credit Ratings for more details about SK Hynix’s rating information.
The company’s general shareholders meeting schedule is determined by the company's regular BOD meeting held in January of each year. The company sends the general shareholder meeting agenda and schedule to our shareholders by mail in addition to issuing a public notice. For further details, please refer to IR>IR Event>AGM