Hynix eMMC is paving the way in embedded applications
Key Features
  Density : 512MB~16GB
  File System : FAT32
  Max Bus Width : 8 bits
  Max Band Width : 52MB/s
  MMCA Interface : v4.2/4.3 Host
  Package Type : 169 FBGA
  Dual Voltage :
  1.7~1.95V or 2.7~3.6V for I/O
2.7~3.6V for NAND Flash
Product Line up
  512M/1GB/2GB/4GB : Now in M/P
  8GB/16GB : Now in C/S, M/P in Q408
Small form factor Flash cards, which were once removable user options, are now being directly embedded in certain applications. One such small form factor storage is the eMMC, which integrates NAND Flash and the Flash Controller in a single BGA. The Flash Controller performs memory management functions independent of the host. Hynix eMMC is user-friendly, cost-effective and fits well with slim and compact mobile handsets and other applications.
The MMC interface on the eMMC enables easy adoption by the host. The eMMC fulfills the growing demand for high density and high performance in a small package as it is being used in mobile and embedded applications such as smart phones, navigators, MP3s, PMPs and may also be used in PC (Servers) and DSC/ DVCs. Hynix currently offers 512MB/1GB/2GB /4GB eMMC products and sampling 8GB /16GB. The 32GB eMMC will be sampled in 2Q'  09.
Hynix eMMC conforms to JEDEC(JC64) and MMCA standards.
Strengths of Hynix eMMC
Easy to use for Handset Developers
- Simple Read/Write memory using standard MMC protocols (v4.2/4.3)
- No need to develop additional firmware for NAND management
- Card controller includes NAND software such as FTL, ECC, FAT-16/32
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