eMMC Flash Storage using 41nm Technology
 Product Features
Items Features
Density 2GB~32GB
File System FAT32
MMC Ver. MMC4.2, 4.3 Host
Max Band & Bus Width 52MB/s & 8Bits
Voltage 1.7~1.95V or 2.7~3.6V for I/O
2.7~3.6V for NAND Flash
Package Type 169 FBGA
Performance (Max.) (Write & Read) 14.9MB/s & 24.9MB/s
  Product Description
Flash cards which were once used for external storage are now being embedded in devices that demand high-speed performance and large memory capacities. These applications include digital cameras, game consoles, MP3 players and Personal Media Players (PMP). Flash card that is embedded in the device is called eMMC and it integrates a Flash controller and high-speed NAND flash memory in a single FBGA package. The eMMC controller performs memory management, RAM buffering, defect management and Error Correction Code (ECC) functions, independent of the host CPU. The controller contains all the NAND software such as FTL(Flash Translation Layer) and FAT(Flash Allocation Table), eliminating the need for additional NAND firmware development. It ensures high reliability and performance and provides a complete disk-like file management structure.
It is optimized for mobile applications that require fast read and write speeds in a small and slim package. The embedded MMC with dual interleave features 14.9-megabytes per second (MB/sec.) write and 24.9MB/sec. read speeds. Hynix offers eMMC densities of up to 32GB. The 32GB is designed by stacking eight 41nm 32Gb NAND/MLC flash memory chips an integrated controller all in a single FBGA (fine-pitched ball grid array) package measuring 12 x 18 x 1.4 (mm). Furthermore, newly introduced Hynix eMMC 4.3ver controller reduces the total power consumption significantly compared to the previous generation eMMC 4.2ver.

Hynix is currently sampling 41nm 2GB~32GB eMMC and mass production is scheduled in 2H09.

Hynix eMMC provides the fastest time to market for OEMs who wish to benefit from the advantages of low cost, high-density NAND/MLC and high performance specifications.
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