Development of 2xnm 64Gb based e-NAND(eMMC)
Product Information

Hynix successfully developed high performance e-NAND (eMMC) products based on 2xnm 64Gb MLC(Multi Level Cell) NAND Flash components. The highly integrated eMMC in 16-64GB densities are compatible with JEDEC eMMC 4.41, the international standard for embedded multimedia cards. Hynix plans to provide customer samples to controller companies from February, 2011.

These products have a superior NAND Flash firmware with advanced features such as ECC(Error Correction Code), wear-leveling, and strong data protection against power loss. These features simplify both Hardware and Software designs of end-use applications.

Hynix’s highly optimized FTL(Flash Translation Layer) algorithm targeting the mobile applications that enables fast random read/write and guarantees data security will meet customers’ demand for efficient embedded mobile storage.
Hynix plans to respond to the increasing demand for high density storage in applications such as Smartphone and Tablet PC by offering 16/32/64GB NAND products based on the new 2xnm 64Gb NAND Flash component.

Key Features
· Fully compatible with Multi Media Card (MMC) system spec. version 4.41
· Full backward compatibility with legacy Multi Media Card system.
· Data bus width: 1bit /4bit /8bit
· MMC Interface Clock Frequency : 0 ~52MHz
· Temperature: Operation (-25℃ ~ 85 ℃), Storage without operation ( -40℃ ~ 85 ℃)
· Power: Interface power : VCCQ (1.70~1.95V or 2.7V ~ 3.6V), VCC (2.7V ~3.6V)
· Up to 64GB of formatted data storage
· Partition management with enhanced storage.
Product Lineup
Part Number Density Technology Stack Package Size Customer Samples
H26M52002CKR 16GB 2xnm 2 14x18x1.2mm Feb’11
H26M64002BNR 32GB 4 14x18x1.4mm Feb’11
H26M78002ANR 64GB 8 14x18x1.4mm Feb’11
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