Hynix Introduces 3xnm High Performance DDR4 DRAM
Product Information

Hynix introduces 2Gb(Gigabit) DDR4 DRAM and DDR4 DRAM based 2GB(Gigabyte) ECC-SODIMM(Error Check & Correction Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Module) using its leading 3xnm technology. These products are complied with JEDEC standards and the module is designed for micro servers, a new small form factor server developed for datacenters.

DDR4 DRAM is a next generation memory product which consumes less power while performing data transfers at twice the speed of current DDR3 DRAM. The device works at the industry’s fastest speed of 2400Mbps(Megabits per second), which is also 80% faster than DDR3 1333Mbps product. The memory module operates at a low voltage of 1.2V and processes up to 19.2GB(Gigabytes) of data per second with a 64-bit I/O.

DDR4 products fully support demanding features such as eco-friendly operation and energy efficient high performance. With this product, Hynix will be able to provide premium solutions to our customers not only in PCs and servers but also in the tablet market.

Hynix plans to start volume production of this product in the second half of 2012.

Key Features
Items Component ECC-SODIMM
Type DDR4
Density 2Gb 2GB
Part number H5AN2G8NMFR-UGC HMA325S7MFR8C-UG
Configuration - 256Mbx72
256Mx8 256Mx8
VDD 1.2V
(CL-tRCD- tRP)
Technology 3xnm
Application Micro Server
Work Station
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